10 Tips on How to Save Money Over the Holiday Shopping Season

Holiday shopping can be stressful when you’re on a tight budget. What can you do to save when you’re on a tight budget? The tips that follow could help.

Buy your gifts with discounted gift cards

Places like Gift Card Granny and Raise, sell gift cards at 10 percent off. You are able to right away save 10 percent on all your purchases.

Would you like a free Amazon or Walmart gift card? When using the Flyp Card, you can earn cashback or flypCoins. In the Flyp App head to the Flyp Store to spend those flypCoins on an e-gift card.  It’s a great way to reduce the total of your purchase without going into your pocket.

Collect promo emails ahead of time

All kinds of stores come up with promotional offers around the holidays, and you want to be aware of all of them. To stay informed, you need to first sign up on Google Alerts for promotions on the items that you have in mind. You could have those alerts delivered to an email account that you open specifically for the purpose. You’ll be able to sort through information on all the offers available before you’re ready to buy.

Try shopping on Green Monday

Green Monday (also known as Cyber Monday 2) falls on the second Monday of December, and comes with generous discounts from merchants. Black Friday and Cyber Monday next to Thanksgiving can be great discount shopping days, as well. Timing your holiday purchases to these events could help you save money.

Always shop on store apps

Whatever product you wish to buy, it can help to check out the prices on the app of each store you like, and also the app of the brand that makes the product. Apps, rather than websites, often come with discounts. If a brand you’re looking at doesn’t have an app, then the brand’s own website could be where you need to go.

Check social media for discounts

If an influencer on social media promotes a product you’re interested in, looking through their posts to find discount codes could be a great way to save money. You don’t even need to follow those influencers. You only need to scroll through their posts to find the discount codes you’re looking for.

Since you are thinking ahead, tell your friends about Flyp! Give them your Flyp referral code and earn cash for every qualified friend who joins, plus flypTix for our weekly sweepstakes drawing.  Your friends will thank you for the rewards they earn all year long and you can now “flyp” (a.k.a. transfer) money to each other right in the Flyp app.  Just tell them to “flyp” you the money.  If they Flyp, they know.

Use a discount plugin as you shop online

Not sure what the best coupon code is for your e-purchase?  Browser plugins like Honey and Rakuten collect active coupon codes for most e-commerce sites, and will automatically try each one at checkout to give you the best discount.

Ship for less

If a store you’re buying from online doesn’t have free shipping, you have two options. You could either pick up the item up at the store, or see if one of your credit cards gives you Shop Runner membership for free shipping. If you’re willing to pick stuff up at the store, they may even offer you discounts or gift cards for free.

Try a cashback service

You can earn cashback by spinning the Flyp Wheel after swiping your Flyp Card, and earn MORE with apps like Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and Drop where you can sign up for cashback offers.  As a bonus, you can redeem your flypCoins for cash in your wallet on the FlypStore!

Get your Flyp Card

Start by downloading the Flyp app, create a wallet, and get your Flyp Debit Card.  The Flyp Card does not have an annual or monthly service fee AND adds some fun into life.

Each purchase you make earns a rewards wheel spin. This is where you can win a percentage of the amount you just spent or a flypCoins.

Here’s a flyppin’ example of how it works:

You spend $55

Flyp it. Spin it. Win it.

Cash back reward would look like:

1% = $.55 back

5%  =  $2.75 back

10% = $5.50 back

100% = $55.00 back

flypCoin reward would look like:

1x = 55 flypCoins

2x = 110 flypCoins

3x = 165 flyp Coins


 Keep using your card for every purchase, have fun spinning the wheel, and rake in the rewards!

 Use your Flyp Card all year long

Using your Flyp Card for recurring charges, daily purchases, utilities, and monthly rent (actually no matter where you spend your with your Flyp Card) will earn cash back or flypCoins for EVERY purchase. Save your cashback for next year’s holiday festivities and spend your flypCoins on swag, gift cards, or flypTix for our weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes or choose to convert your flypCoins to cash in your wallet!

Talk about flyppin’ saving!

Armed with these ideas, you should be ready to make your holiday shopping dollar go further.

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