leveling the financial playing field. for everyone. for real. finally.

banking has never been this much fun.

Once you have a Flyp account, it’s time to start playing with your money. Every time you use your card, you can spin the prize wheel and win cash back… FlypCoins… and other merch. Share your spin on social media and win even more!

Flyp was built to make managing your money more fun. No fees. No hassles. The banking services you want, with more than a little fun on the side. The only surprises are seeing just what you win each time you flyp and spin.

who the heck is flyp and why are we making banking fun?

We’re experienced banking people who saw the need for a better way to bank.

our team.

Viking a.k.a. CTO

Life’s an infinite game. There’s no winning or losing, only how you play the game. I love playing, because even though you will never win, you can make a difference in the world. I’ve been building disruptive technologies for the last 30 years in Government, Finance, Transportation, and Human Capital. I find joy in delighting customers by overdelivering value. Now I’m taking on Banking, and building a new financial ecosystem, one that is social, inclusive and fun. For my work-life harmony, I love spending time with my family of 5 kids, I’m an avid tennis player (avid doesn’t mean good), and when I’m not building cool technology, I take on the role of “general contractor” at my home in Clearwater Beach, FL.

did you know?

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