What is Flyp?

Flyp is a new way to bank and is taking digital banking to the next level. Flyp is a financial technology company centered around what most banks lack - TRUST. We are also going to make it fun, social, and rewarding. We want Flyp to be a place for you to go not only to check your balance and spending habits but share your experiences and knowledge with the community. Banking services are provided by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC.

What is Flyp’s mission?

We feel that every American should have access to affordable banking services. It’s your money, and you should not be fee’d to death in order to save it.

How does Flyp make money?

Short answer - not from YOU! When you open a Flyp account, you will get a Flyp debit card. When you use the Flyp card to purchase items, we will get a small percentage of the merchant fees that they normally pay to process your payment. The more you use the Flyp card, the more we will be able to offer cool products and services. It’s that simple!

Why should I sign up for the waitlist?

We would love for you to be one of the first to receive your Flyp card and are always looking for people who will help us shape Flyp into a financial partner that works for YOU. Plus, we’re giving away some cool prizes, so why the heck not? ;-)

When will Flyp launch?

We will launch in Q3 of 2021, and will be working tirelessly to make that happen. Follow our social media pages to stay informed as we get closer!

How is Flyp different from a traditional bank?

Where do we begin? Our core belief is that stronger finances lead to stronger families, and stronger families lead to stronger communities. We are building Flyp to offer a new financial experience from the ground up. No nuisance fees, all digital, no branches, and access to help when you need it. We’re going to build an inclusive, social financial network. We are transforming the way you look at finance and want to earn your trust.

How do I deposit money into my account

We have many ways to do this:

- Set up a direct deposit to have your paycheck sent to your Flyp Account.
- Transfer funds from another bank account through the app.
- Have a friend transfer you funds.
- Deposit cash or check at one of our partner locations near you.

Is my money secure?

Yes! Your deposits are insured through FDIC insurance up to $250,000, just like most banks. Also, we use military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption, access control, and secure processes to ensure your money is always safe with Flyp.

Does flyp charge fees?

We have built our business model around low-to-no fees and plan to keep it that way. Every product we build or service we offer, starts with the question, “How do we not charge the customer?” For your Flyp account, we have no monthly maintenance fees, no overdraft fees, no minimum balance fees, and no fees for cash withdrawals through our ATM network. See the Flyp Terms & Conditions for details.

Can I get my paycheck early with Flyp?

Absolutely! If your employer can send your paycheck using direct deposit, we can fund your account up to 2 days early. How cool is that??

Do you have a rewards program?

Glad you asked. How’s up to 110% cash back?? Instead of spending money on digital advertising, we are going to fund a cash back rewards program that puts more money in your pocket. Simply use the Flyp card when you make purchases or pay bills, and your phone may notify you of a cash-back reward of anywhere between 10% and 100%, plus an extra 10% if you tell your friends to join the Flyp movement. The more that join, the more we can put into the rewards program!

How can I stay in the loop with Flyp?

Follow us on Social!

Are you hiring?

Yes! If you are in product, compliance, marketing, or tech, and want to be part of an amazing team that is going to make an impact in the financial services world, we want to talk to you! Send your resume to careers@weflyp.com.