5 Ways the Flyp Debit Card Helps You Save Big

Rewards are an essential part of life.

We work to eat. 

We exercise to be healthy.

We date to find love. 

The list goes on. In every area of life, we invest our time and energy to earn a reward.

So why is it that when we use our debit cards, we often get nothing in return?
We swipe the plastic, pay our money, and that’s it. “Transaction complete.”

And yet, while most debit cards offer no rewards, they have plenty of hidden fees along the way. 

But here’s the good news. 

Scratch that, it’s great news: the Flyp Visa® Debit Card delivers a truly industry-leading rewards program.. Plus there’s no credit check to create your digital wallet.

You swipe. You get rewarded (on every purchase). And you never have to deal with hidden fees. Ever.

Want to learn more? Here are five fast ways Flyp can help you save big. 

1. Get Up to 110% Cashback

Yes, we’re serious. And no, 110% is not a typo. 

It’s true! With Flyp, you can get up to 110% cashback on purchases. That means every time you spend cash, some of the money could go straight back into your wallet.

Plus, we gamified our rewards system, so you can have some fun along the way (imagine that!). 

Every time you make a purchase, just open the Flyp app, and on the home page view the number of spins you have earned. Tap the “Let’s Go!” button and spin the wheel for each purchase.

You’ll instantly earn cashback or flypCoins every single time. And when you share your spins on social media, you can win a 10% bonus! Winning from 1% to 100% cashback PLUS the 10% social share EQUALS up to 110% cashback! 

Flyp it. 

Spin it. 

Win it

2. No Hidden Fees

Just like a few of the most infamous words in the English language, “fees” has four letters.

In the financial world, hidden fees crawl into accounts like summer cockroaches in a New York City apartment. They sneak up on you, surprise you, and then steal your hard-earned money in one fell swoop. 

At Flyp, we despise hidden fees. So we want to make sure you know about the 2 fees we do charge:

  1. When you use the ATM out-of-network, a $2.50 fee covers the cost we incur. The ATM operator may also charge you.
  2. When you replace your card more than one time a year. The first replacement is on us, and any others are $5 each.

It’s your money, and we believe there should be no surprises or hidden costs to opening an account and enjoying a modern banking experience.

There’s nothing worse than paying money to get money. 

That’s why Flyp has 100% fee-free cash withdrawals from any MoneyPass® ATM across the United States so you can get what’s yours without paying extra.

Just how big is the Flyp ATM network? 

We’re glad you asked. MoneyPass® has over 37,000 ATMs nationwide, serving over 125 million people and counting. Access our App map to locate the closest MoneyPass ATM. 

Not close enough to an ATM, you say? 

Well, everywhere you can get cashback at the register, you can get cashback with your Flyp card. That includes grocery stores, big box stores, hardware stores and more! 

3.  No Minimum Balance Requirements

Much of the financial world is “pay to play,” and the barrier to entry can be rather steep. 

Like roller coasters with a minimum height, debit cards often require a minimum balance to open (and maintain) an account. 

A Flyp Visa® Debit Card is different, and a minimum balance is not required. 

To get started, all you need to do is download the Flyp app, take two minutes to create a free account, and you’ll be good to go. We’ll never ask you for a minimum balance to open or maintain an account. 

Note: We don’t charge monthly service fees. We believe that banking and financial literacy should be inclusive. For example, we’ve seen monthly charges as high as $12 a month — unless you maintain a balance of over $1,500. 

Monthly balance requirement fees with Flyp? Never.

4. Flyp gamification – where you can win cash & prizes.

Flyp is not just a place to put your money. We like to have fun and get you to have fun too! flypCoins can be spent on the app store. You can find very comfortable Flyp t-shirts, hoodies, and gear. You can choose an online gift card, or you choose to grab flypTix for the weekly raffle held each Friday. ‘Cause everyone can use a boost on Friday.
Each week Flyp has a giveaway of cash or prizes up for grabs. Friday would be even better with $100 cash immediately deposited to your account. We are pretty sure of that!

It’s this easy:

  1. Use your Flyp Visa debit card without concerns of fees or minimums. 
  2. Spin after each purchase for up to 110% cashback or flypCoins. 
  3. Head to the flypStore to spend your flypCoins for goods, gift cards, or for a chance in the weekly sweepstakes. 

flypTix can also be earned! 

  • Create your Flyp Account – Flyppin’ fab! We’ll give you a flypTix!
  • Add funds to your Flyp Visa Debit Card = flypTix
  • First $100 deposited = flypTix
  • Set up your direct deposit over $200 and each time it hits your account you get flypTix.
  • Social Media Share = flypTix
  • Make 3 purchase – spin 3 times – you’ve earned a flypTix!
  • When you have consecutive days where you have spun the wheel, you’ve got a spin streak, and that = flypTix. The longer the streak, the more flypTix you earn. 

Oh, and you get flypTix for all of these too! 

  • Engaging in polls on our Instagram story
  • Flyp surveys
  • You say it’s your Birthday!?! 
  • Refer friends with your code

5. No Overdraft Fees

2021 was tough for consumers financially. Many people encountered significant overdraft feeds, with statistics showing consumers paid over $69 billion in Q3 of last year alone.

With Flyp, however, we’re committed to protecting Flyp’s Finest (our premier account level customers) from overdraft fees.

In fact, we’ll provide some helpful overdraft coverage for whenever you need it — whether you’re in-between paychecks, have an unexpected shortfall, or simply need a little cushion. 

And when you’re ready, you can “flyp” the funds back to us. Or if it’s easier, we’ll apply funds from your next paycheck to your negative balance. It’s that easy. 

What’s the catch?  None.  Too good to be true? no! 

No fees.
No worries. 

We’ve got you covered

The Benefits of All-Digital Banking

If time is the most valuable commodity, online banking can help you save big in that department. 

At Flyp, we developed our all-digital infrastructure to give you everything you need — right at your fingertips. There’s no need to track down an in-person bank or put documents in the mail. 

All you need is the Flyp app to get started. 

With the Flyp digital wallet, you can monitor transactions, analyze spending habits, and manage your paychecks. This is in addition to up to 110% cashback on purchases! 

Ready to download the app? Click below

              Let’s Go!

Flyp is not a bank. Banking services are provided by Sutton Bank, member FDIC. The Flyp Classic Debit Card is issued by Sutton Bank, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa, U.S.A. Inc. All other trademarks and service marks belong to their respective owners. Read the Flyp Rewards Official Terms before participating. No account opening or payment is necessary to enter or win. See terms for ways to enter.

All information provided by Flyp is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing.


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