How to Save Money in College – or in General!

When you are young, you have a lot of time on your hands but usually limited finances. As you get older, the whole thing flyps around as you build more financial stability, yet the time and flexibility you have at hand decreases.

So, how to make the most out of your dollar in college? And maybe even earn a little extra?

The most common advice is to either “just get a job” or to “join a  work/study program”. Both of these are great advice, yet not that easy to come by. Competition for work is usually high, especially close to campus, and changing your program might not be what you want to do.

Although adding to your income is the best route, even when doing so, making the most of every dollar is crucial. Why spend more than you have to?

Here are a few tips on how to stretch your dollars while in college:

Look over your finances – create a budget!

This is also such common advice, but it is true that having a good overview of how much you have, will make it easier to stay on track.

Save before you spend

Put away your savings the second the money hits your account. It can be tough to save when on a tight budget, but building a buffer will be very helpful in order to cover unexpected expenses.

Sign up for a no fee mobile banking option

Here is where you can start to really save some dough. Choose a banking option that does not charge you for overdrafts or simply charging you for just having the account. Don’t pay to keep your money in the bank! You can save hundreds of dollars every year by making sure to use a no-fee bank! Flyppin’ easy!

Save your cash back!

Love cashback? We do too! And when you pick a card that can give you up to 110% cashback, your spending can all of a sudden start making you money! Flyp is the only card that offers the possibility to earn more cashback than you spent! (*conditions apply*)Every time you earn cash back, put them into savings. This way you can save up to that trip you wanted to make, or to splurge on the holiday sales, without digging a hole in your pocket.

Get your paycheck early

If you do have a job, getting access to that money early is golden. Do you also use credit cards or paying off things monthly? By receiving your money a few days earlier, you are able to pay off any credits before you are hit with heavier fees!

Use your discounts

Many stores have great discounts for students. Make sure you utilize these in order to save money on things you really need. Just be ware – don’t sign up for money saving memberships if they charge you a fee. Only if you are certain that you will save more than the annual fee is it a good idea to sign up.

Do you really need the book?

I know that many professors will cringe if reading this because they make lots of money on you buying their literature. But a great way to save money is to see if there is a used version of the book you are looking for available or look for a PDF version if you are OK reading on your laptop or tablet.

Some sites offer book rental services as well. Much cheaper than buying!

Book-sharing might be a good idea. Some classes only require you to read a few chapters, so share books with a friend to save you both some money. Once you are done with the class, sell the book immediately when a new course round starts– you make the most money on your used books if they are the latest edition, and sold when demand for the book is the highest.

Join a dining club – or start one!

Team up with a few friends and start a dining club! Buying bigger packs of food is usually cheaper, and dining with company is fun! Set up a day or two each week that you all eat together. One or two people will be responsible for buying all groceries, host and cook dinner for the others. Each week you rotate the responsibility. Not only do you get to spend dedicated time with friends, but you save money by buying in bulk, and you will be served a nice meal one or a few days a week, yet only have to cook when it is your turn. When it is your turn, pay with your Flyp card and have the chance of getting up to 110% cashback!

Don’t trash your money

Many states have a mandate to charge for plastic bags at the store. Literally money you will throw right in the trash! Make a habit of always bringing your own bag to the store.


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